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ECG Gel formula according to WHO

World Health Organization (WHO) has established guidelines for the formulation of ECG gel, ensuring that it is safe, effective, and of a consistent quality. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the ingredients and formulation of ECG gel as per the WHO guidelines. The WHO recommends that ECG gel should contain the following ingredients:

  1. Water: Water is the primary ingredient of ECG gel, and is used to form the gel base. It is important to use pure and sterile water to ensure that the gel is safe for use.

  2. Glycerin: Glycerin is added to ECG gel to improve its viscosity, making it easier to apply to the skin. It also helps to prevent the gel from drying out too quickly.

  3. Carbomer: Carbomer is a thickening agent that is added to ECG gel to improve its consistency and make it easier to spread evenly over the skin.

  4. Sodium hydroxide: Sodium hydroxide is used to adjust the pH of the ECG gel to a level that is safe for use on the skin.

  5. Methylparaben and propylparaben: Methylparaben and propylparaben are used as preservatives in ECG gel to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. These are necessary to ensure that the gel remains safe and effective for use over an extended period.

The WHO guidelines specify the exact amounts of each ingredient that should be used in the formulation of ECG gel, ensuring that the gel is consistent and of a high quality. The gel is then tested to ensure that it meets the required standards for safety and efficacy before it is approved for use.

It is very important to buy your ECG gel from a manufacturer that adheres to these important quality parameters.

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