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What is Isopropyl alcohol? IPA Spirit explained.


You've probably heard of isopropyl alcohol. It's in everything from first aid kits to hand sanitizers. But what is it exactly, and why does it matter to your business? Let's pull back the curtain on isopropyl alcohol and see why it's an essential ingredient for a wide range of products.

The Basics of Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol, also called rubbing alcohol, is a kind of alcohol used in many different products.

What it's made of: Isopropyl alcohol is made from water and a material called propene, which comes from refining fossil fuels.

What it looks like: It's a clear liquid that smells strong. It dries up fast and can easily catch fire.

Why Isopropyl Alcohol Matters to Your Business

Isopropyl alcohol is popular because it can do many different things. Here are some ways it's used:

  1. Kills germs: It's great at getting rid of bacteria, so it's used in products like hand sanitizers and wound cleaners.

  2. Cleans stuff: It's used in cleaning products for homes and businesses.

  3. Helps make things: In factories, it's used to help make many things, including paint and skincare items.

  4. Keeps things cool: It's even used in some car products to help keep engines cool.

How Isopropyl Alcohol Is Used Every Day

You might not realize it, but isopropyl alcohol is all around us:

  • Staying safe: It's in first aid products to clean cuts and scrapes.

  • Looking good: It's in things like aftershave and cosmetics.

  • Keeping tech clean: It's used to clean electronics because it dries fast and doesn't damage them.


Isopropyl alcohol is a key part of many products we use every day. That makes it a big opportunity for businesses like yours. Whether it's used to kill germs, clean things, or make new products, isopropyl alcohol is a versatile and important ingredient that can open up new possibilities for your business.

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